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Rent a Castle? This one is a bargain!  NOW WITH LAST MINUTE DISCOUNT!!!   In general, one might think, 'Renting a Castle? This will cost a fortune!' Nothing is less true. Very often people go on holiday with friends, with parents, children or grandchildren and so on.   You can start renting 'Château des Tertres' for only 2.440 euro (excl VAT) per week for 8 people in high-season. You will not only receive a beautifull sleeping place, you will get the complete Castle including its charm and luxury, with 8 beautifull bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, library, summer and winter living rooms, swimming pool, a gorgeous park, the complete domain with all its rest and privacy and so much more...  For comparison: You will pay for the most simple hotelroom easily 55 euro per night and per person. For a whole week will you pay, for a family of four, 1.540 euros (for only 2 bedrooms). For 8 people will you pay 3.080 euros for only 4 bedrooms.  Even for a one-family bungalow on a camping will you pay easily 1.000 euros for one week. Than will you have 4 sleeping places. For 2 families will you pay 2.000 euros for one week,...   Extras at Château des Tertres: Our offer will even be by far more attractive when you consider the ideal location in the middle of the Champagne vignards and the huge forrests, the Roman ruins, Gaullic treasures, medieval cities, the Napoleontic castles,... Of course do you also have the famous French restaurants.  We forgot to say that Essoyes, the neigbourhood village, is the village where Renoir made all its paintings.  Your choice is quickly made...

Champagne only for the connoisseur

Who would not enjoy a glass of sparkling Champagne bubbles? In our neighborhood there are over 6,000 hectares of vineyards of Champagne! The thousands of passionate professionals can be found in the Côte des Bars (South area of Champagne region). They provide the finest champagne (more soft and sweet), namely those for the connoisseur. Explore Les Riceys, Buxeuille, Courteron, Essoyes, Fontette,...

Our guests have a assembled a "hit"-list compiled from their vast experience. We have contacted these Champagne farmers and asked to open their cellars for our guests. Now can we ofer you tasting-packages at your convenience. Click this link for more information.

Affordable luxury, priceless experience

Enjoy, in all rest, from your glass of Champagne lying in the sun unther centuries old chesnut trees. Read your favorite book in one of the small tower rooms, with a view over the surrounding hills planted with vignards and forrests. Wake up with a view over the park where deer from the woods are grazing. When your children are swimming or playing games in the park, can you work for a moment in the library. In many restaurants in the neigbourhood are your culinary desires fulfilled. You don't just live in a castle, you are the lord or lady yourselves.

Here will you find affordable luxory and rest. The complete domain from the Château is at your availability with all its charm, luxury and tranquility. Our saying is not for nothing 'Living like God in France'. The domaine of 10 hectares in the hills, planted with Champagne vignards and ancient forrests. Get a feel of the luxury from the aristocratic owners in their living rooms, bedrooms, the library,... Château des Tertres is one of the very rare 'Châteaux de Champagne'. Numerous delicious French restaurants in de surrounding villages,... Taste the most delicious Champagne at the homes of the Champagne makers. In between you can exercise many activities, play golf (3 clubs nearby), bike, fish, swim, picknick, walk and play with the children in the park. Life can be so wonderfull. Be welcome at 'Château des Tertres en Champagne'.

Time will be to short!

The entire area exudes authenticity. Each village has its own castles, churches, mansions, restaurants, ... Behind every hill you will find a new surprise, a different view of the wide area. Discover the treasure of the Vix, ancient Roman ruins, medieval castles, the life of the famous family of painters Renoir,... Or do you prefer to eat in one of the many restaurants?

For the more energetic there is plenty to do: great golf courses, cycling and walking routes through mountains and valleys, forests and farmlands, .. fish in the Seine, Ource or Laigné,.. sail, kayak or jetski in the Lac d'Orient,...

You can also spend some time in het family theme park 'Nigloland'.

You'll be back because there is simply too much to do.

Welcome on 'Château des Tertres' in Champagne

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